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Property auctions London are a leading auctioneer specialising in London properties we have the expertise to help you to achieve a quick house sale in London and if you need to sell your property through our auction process we can also help with this by getting your property visible to our buying community.

Many property investors buy and sell property to make an immediate profit. The Ultimate profit however is in buying and holding for the longer term, So as well as positive cash flow, you also benefit from capital appreciation our residential property auctions are geared to helping investors find and buy the right property for their portfolio.

So unlike many people who visit a property auctions of looking for a property you like and then negotiating a better methodology and smarter strategy is to look for motivated sellers – who invariably come through the auction process

The following case study shows how property auctions work and why you can keep capital

Let’s assume that a buyer each owned an investment property worth £200,000 and Property values have fallen by 50% since they purchased them.

Both properties are now worth £100,000.

The difference is that but the second buyers used leveraged finance to secure property so is not cash out.

A strategy of leveraging your auction property purchase is is good if done in a measured way

We are at auction house sale specialists and run our property auctions London , and we are very experienced in helping people looking to sell and who may be buying property at auction and we will work with you to buy your house immediately.

You save you time by cancelling out the need to sell via an estate agents with lots of viewers coming in and out your home – with our UK wide locations we can cover anywhere in England or Wales and we still have property auctions Scotland – to sell homes North of the border.

The process is simple; we will carry out a no obligation valuation, followed by our cash offer for your property, which is typically up to 85% of the market value. There are no fees and we will pay your legal costs on completion of the sale. If you have found an ideal home and you are struggling to sell your property then we can work to the timescale that suits you. If you have ever thought ‘How can I sell my house at auction’ then you have come to the at auction property sale specialists, and we can buy your property as quickly as you would like us to. See below the benefits of a cash house sale, selling your property at auction.

If you are selling a house or flat, and want at auction and hassle-free property sale then please speak to us today.


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